Smells like Serbian spring

Serbian youth has shown its teeth! For the second day in a row, a large protest against the ruling structures and the unfair election campaign was held in Belgrade. The protest, attended by more than 10.000, was organised by young people who previously informally gathered on social media. Protesting extended to other cities, and today people marched in Subotica, Nis, Novi Sad, Loznica, Bor, Kraljevo… This is the very beginning of a civil revolt against the intolerable situation caused by the dictatorship of a ruling party, degradation of all basic values of society and negligence of the real situation in which people in Serbia live today, especially young who don’t see any bright perspective on the horizon.

Protest will continue in the following days. Although there are no official requests and ultimatums from the protesters side, what is clear at this point is that Serbian youth decided to take their lives and future back in their own hands.

Photographs by Milovan Milenković, Nemanja Pančić, Marko Risović and Milutin Markovic. Any use of photos without written permission from authors is strictly forbidden!

© Kamerades

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