Funeral of Oliver Ivanovic

Oliver Ivanovic, 64, the leader of the Citizens’ Party “Serbia, democracy, justice”, was shot outside the party’s offices in northern Mitrovica on January 16. Today, he was buried in the alley of Meritorious citizens at the New Cemetery in Belgrade in the presence of his family, numerous friends, politicians, government representatives and thousands of citizens.

Assassination of Oliver Ivanovic leaves many questions opened. He was the representative of moderate current working in favour of peaceful coexistence of ethnic Albanians and Serbs in Kosovo. His party didn’t have strong support from the current government of Serbia. In 2016 he was found guilty by the Eulex court in Kosovo, and accused for war crimes allegedly committed in Kosovska Mitrovica in 1999. After spending three years in prison, he was acquitted by the appellate court, to defend himself from the freedom.

Many politicians in Serbia, reacting right after the murder happened, stated that this was politically motivated crime. It caused turbulence and shaking in the region that is already in the constant state of instability, where vague events like this one can be an initial capsule for conflicts of wider scale.

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