For four months, there are protests being held in Serbia.
There are people in over 100 of cities, towns, municipalities walking the streets, protesting against current authorities.
Tens, maybe even more than hundred of thousands of protesters weekly.
Most of the world does not give a fuck.
Most of the Serbia does not give a fuck.

(Almost) none of the Serbian media gives a fuck and any kind of report about it.
If they do, they spin it and twist it.
These are dark ages for media in Serbia. Again.
Protesters are, mostly, citizens, regular folks.
Eu does not give a fuck. President Vucic must acknowledge Kosovo. Never mind who he is or how he behaves. They do not give a fuck about our freedom, media freedom. Freedom of speech. Corruption. Rule of law. Poverty. Humanity.
EU does not care about people of Serbia, so, lets just get over it. You do your geopolitical worldselfaware mega important thing, but please let us have the right to, not like it and not to comply happily.
Don’t make us pretend that there are unicorns flying over the field (in which, pandas are rolling in delight), shitting rainbows and farting gold while we enthusiastically collect it …
Let us be humans. Let us TRY to be humans.
Basic. Simple. Just like that.

Photographs by Marko Rupena, Nemanja Jovanovic, Marko Risovic ©️Kamerades

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