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Funeral of Oliver Ivanovic

Oliver Ivanovic, 64, the leader of the Citizens’ Party “Serbia, democracy, justice”, was shot outside the party’s offices in northern Mitrovica on January 16. Today, he was buried in the alley of Meritorious citizens at the New Cemetery in Belgrade in the presence of his family, numerous friends, politicians, government representatives and thousands of citizens.

The mosaic


On January 06 and 07, the days of Christmas Eve and Orthodox Christmas, many believers will ride to the temple of St. Sava in Vracar, to attend burning of the Oak tree and the Christmas Liturgy. At the top of the dome of the temple, through the narrow opening between the floor structure, and through the protective net, they will be able to see the delicacy of a magnificent mosaic showing the success of Jesus Christ. This mosaic makes a new rug of the Temple. The works began in the spring of 2017, and they have already been formally completed, but additional embellishment will take another month or two. (more…)

Protestujem, dakle postojim / I protest, therefore i am

Mediji kontrolisani od strane države prenosili su od početka post-izbornih protesta u Beogradu da su ulice pune “alkoholičara, narkomana i stranih plaćenika”, pokušavajući da obesmisle mišljenje običnih ljudi kojima je dosta autokratije i nipodaštavanja. Dali smo glas tim hrabim ljudima, pitajući ih zašto protestuju. Razlozi, koji variraju od potrebe da se pokaže neslaganje sa trenutnim sistemom vrednosti u zemlji do želje da se izbori bolja budućnost za našu decu, pokazuju iskrene motive onih koji protestuju i ukazuju na potencijalnu duboku podelu u današnjem srpskom drustvu.

State controlled Serbian mainstream media channels have stated since the beginning of post-election protests in Belgrade that streets are full of “alcoholics, drug addicts and foreign mercenaries”, trying to defeat the opinions of ordinary people who had enough of autocracy and negligence. We gave voice to these brave people, asking them why do they protest. The reasons given, from urge for showing disagreement with the current system of values in the country to wishes for better future for our children, are showing the real and honest motives of the protesters and pointing to potential deep division of modern Serbian society. 



Smells like Serbian spring

Serbian youth has shown its teeth! For the second day in a row, a large protest against the ruling structures and the unfair election campaign was held in Belgrade. (more…)

Hard to please


Development and growth of the cities caused additional demand for water. Current sources became insufficient to provide quantity of drink and industrial water.