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Smells like Serbian spring

Serbian youth has shown its teeth! For the second day in a row, a large protest against the ruling structures and the unfair election campaign was held in Belgrade. (more…)

Hard to please


Development and growth of the cities caused additional demand for water. Current sources became insufficient to provide quantity of drink and industrial water.


Belgrade derby


One of the biggest sporting events in the southeast part of Europe is football match between Partizan FC and FC Red Star. It is not about the quality of the game, it is about the atmosphere. (more…)

Ovo NISU autorske fotografije/ These ARE NOT copyrighted photos

Photo of a hole in the road/ Fotografija rupe na putu

Our attempt of a mechanical photo of a hole in the road/ Naš pokušaj mehaničke fotografije rupe na putu

Ovo nije tekst.

Ovo nije blog.

Ovo nije izražavanje stava.

Sve ove fotografije bi uskoro trebalo da spadaju u istu kategoriju: obične, rutinske, mehaničke fotografije, na kojima autor gubi autorska prava.

Prvenstveno zbog sadržaja.  Dodatno, zbog činjenice da su OVE fotografije izašle uz tekst. Na internetu. Autorska prava se automatski brišu.


This is not a text.

This is not a blog.

This is not an expression of attitudes. All of these photos should soon fall into the same category: ordinary, routine, mechanical photos, in which the author loses copyright.Primarily because of the content. In addition, due to the fact that these pictures came out with the article. On the Internet. Copyright is automatically deleted.