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  • 2015 by Kamerades

                                                 Serbian-Hungarian border, Refugee crisis It has been another inspiring year for our collective.

  • One stop Center

    One Stop Center Presevo, exudes in hope and dust coming from thousands of kilometers walked upon. Tired, visibly exhausted and confused people after all the troubles they’ve experienced during their quest for better life, wait in the line to be registered. They await their green light to proceed further into the unknown, holding onto belief […]

  • Noor-Nikon Masterclass participants selected

    The participants were selected out of a total of 114 portfolios that were submitted from 9 different countries in the region.

  • New Year’s Retrospective

      Photography is our means of expression. We spend so much time creating it, looking at it, discussing and thinking about it… But sometimes, even we tend to forget all the simple yet powerful implications of photography as a document of time. These are the days of retrospectives.

  • Illusion night

    European Conference on Visual Perception is an annual meeting devoted to the scientific study of vision, particularly visual perception and multisensory processes related to vision.

  • Tamara Waterfront Exhibition

    KMRUG from Nemanja Jovanovic on Vimeo. Hvala svima koji su kisnuli sa nama!  

  • New Perspectives in Vienna

    Three years ago, a very shy group of young photographers from the Balkans started with the SEE New Perspectives project organized by World Press Photo and Robert Bosch foundation. Among them were two of our members, Nemanja Pancic and Marko Risovic, who had the honor of being selected as participants.

  • Power of image

    Everything we know, everything we conclude about the world is visually perceived. So why negotiating that? Image  credit© Olivier Laurent

  • Nemanja Pancic interviewed by Mira Adanja-Polak

    Mira Adanja Polak did an interview with Nemanja Pancic regarding World Press Photo award that he recently received.

  • Museum Night

    Children walk through the installation called Little factory of effects, during the opening of Museum Night in Belgrade. In this night, 150 cultural institutions, in Belgrade and other Serbian towns, are open for public, presenting various exhibitions, installations and performances. This event is part of the European Night of Museums held in 40 countries. Belgrade, 18.05.2013.