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Profile: Nemanja Jovanović

After graduating from the Art Academy, major in Photography, Nemanja worked as a staff photographer in several Serbian daily newspapers. His photographs were displayed at major republic exhibitions, as well as in various magazines and agencies, both locally and worldwide. Nemanja has urge for adrenalin driven situations, and he’s very experienced in working under conflict circumstances. His passion for life photography and photojournalism always pushes him in the first rows, closest possible to the action. Nemanja’s long list of awards includes Grand Prix for best media photography in Serbia in 2009. as recognized by Press Photo Serbia organization, who awarded him five more times in the past few years , for his photo reportages in the following categories: In 2009 in Sports, in 2010 in category Daily life, in 2011 in category Environment and in 2012 in categories Portraits and People. He was awarded by “Vilnius photo circle” international photojournalistic organization in 2010 and 2011 for his documentary photo stories. He received three prizes from Status magazine, two of them in 2009 and one in 2012, including Grand Prix for best media photography in Serbia in 2009. Nemanja participated in several workshops held by great names in modern photojournalism: Alexander Zemlianichenko’s lecture during Photocircle festival in Vilnius (Lithuania), in 2010, and Yuri Kozyrev’s lecture at the same festival in 2011. He was chosen as participant of the workshop with VII agency photographer Donald Weber in Belgrade, Serbia, and Dirk Jan-Visser workshop supported by World Press Photo in 2010.