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Profile: Nemanja Pančić

After his education in filmmaking, he switched to still photography and photojournalism. The influences of film culture and strong visual expression can easily be recognized in his photos. He was working in several daily newspapers and magazine editions since 2006. In 2010 Nemanja was chosen for the "SEE New Perspectives" Masterclass for professional photographers from Southeastern Europe, organized by World Press Photo in partnership with Robert Bosh foundation. Right afterwards he earns the nomination for prestigious JOOP SWART MASTERCLASS.-------------------------------------------------------------------AWARDS:-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2014-"Press Photo Serbia",1st prize,Portrait story "Bata Panta"------- 2013-"World Press Photo",1st prize, Portraits "Little Survivor"--------- 2013-"Golden Nika at IFR",1st prize, "Little Survivor"--------------------- 2013-"Status Photo Contest", 2nd prize, "Little Survivor"--------------- 2011-"Press Photo Serbia", award, Life story "Najdan Circles"------- 2010-"Press Photo Serbia", 1st prize, Portrait "Disconsolate Mother" 2010-"Press Photo Serbia", 1st prize, Sport story "Fighting Spirit" 2010-UNS (Serbian Journalist Association) "Laza Kostic" photography award, for photo story: "Baba Mondi (the One who opens the doors)"