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Wonderland, by Saša Čolić

Ovčanska and Vrujci Spa are situated in two villages, Ovča and Vrujci, within 60km range of Belgrade, Serbia. With high mineral content (having 28 various minerals), the water is salty and comes out from the depth of several hundred meters. Its salinity is six times higher than that in the sea. The water flows into a recess called pool forming curative mud at the end of it. Various veins diseases, rheumatics, sciatica, vision disorders are naively treated by curative mud and mineral water. Believing in miracles, many people rush to have their body treated by this nature’s wonder. This series is a psychological aim to unveil beauty of imperfection. Also it is an answer to over photo-shopped celebrities. Bare, natural spa environment gives no room for effects; there is just pure context shown in Serbian middle class society making their vacation memorable.