Pre-election campaign monitoring

Belgrade, 21. March 2012.- As pre-election fever heats up in Serbia, President Tadic’s ruling pro-EU coalition is blamed by nationalists for deep economic problems, rising unemployment and corruption. Serbia formally became a European Union membership candidate this month. Democratic Party is trailing opposition nationalist Serbian Progressive Party of Tomislav Nikolic by a few percentage points in all pre-election polls. But Tadic is likely to get a majority parliamentary support from smaller parties to form a new government after the vote. After the announcement of the elections, Tadic urged the Serbian citizens to vote in large numbers and said the future government should be formed immediately after the election so that it would tackle Serbia’s many problems. Ahead elections scheduled for May 6, Serbia’s state-run anti-corruption agency is for the first time deploying independent observers to monitor the situation on the ground and record data about party expenses.

Photographs by: Marko Rupena, Nemanja Jovanović and Saša Čolić



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