The unity of opposites, by Marko Risović

Panta rhei. Everything flows. This Heraclitus well known philosophical concept is more applicable on society today than ever. The whole mankind is in the constant change. Everything is moving and transforming. Only twenty years ago, it was hard to imagine female officers in Serbian army and police. Today, there are many, and they are fighting for a greater level of gender equality. Why are women not equal to man in male-dominated professions? It should not be an issue. Women are burdened with household duties, raising children, the imperative of good looks imposed by the society… At the very start, they don’t have the same position, and it’s much harder for them to fight for one.

In uniform or not, at the very core, we are just human beings with our small imperfections and big dreams. We all should be united to our opposites.

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