Pre-election campaign monitoring pt. 2

Its been a second week since 2012 Parliamentary elections were announced in Serbia. So far two issues remain to be clarified. First, the presidential election. Some people were surprised when President Tadić failed to call a presidential vote for the same day as the parliamentary one. He still might, but must make up his mind by April 7th. In the past turnout has been higher in presidential polls than parliamentary ones. Holding both votes in the same day could work in favour of the DS. The other issue is, as ever, Kosovo. Ethnic Serbs in Kosovo will vote in the general election, just as French people living in Britain vote in French elections. Serbia votes as a single constituency, so no one would take a seat in Serbia’s parliament claiming to be the deputy from Pristina. European Parliament called Wednesday 28. March on Serbia to refrain from carrying out local elections in the north of Kosovo and to continue dialogue with Pristina. However, they said that significant results were achieved in the dialogue so far, and that he expects progress in order to give Serbia the date for starting accession negotiations as soon as possible.  Despite the overall lethargy in society, political leaders are making a huge crowd day after day trying to collect as much votes as they can. As they play some dirty games, they often humiliate human intelligence unveiling a comedy goldmine for visuals.

Photographs by: Milovan Milenković, Nemanja Pančić, Marko Rupena, Nemanja Jovanović and Saša Čolić


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