Dirty season countdown

It is only a few days left until the election in Serbia. Getting our group project to its peak, it is time to say why we are doing this. Basically we pitched the idea of global apathy, disinterest for the political parties after years of Balkan aftermath, as residual Milosevic structures continue to rotate their governments again and again.

Observing the nation overall, we found that modern Serbs are desolate, uncertain and mostly depressive as they face incoming Parliamentary and Presidential elections scheduled for May 6. 2012. Few people will definitely face better future and those are the members of wealthy, elite groups.  

Political parties are almost merged with their program plans, without giving any alternate ideas but clones and copies of the same ideas packed in slightly different forms and structures. For the majority people living in Serbia at the moment, it would be the same thing. They wouldn’t mind who’s in charge, who’s the president, who’s the prime minister and who’s the opposition if they’ve been able to have a decent living standard. It is a matter of self-dignity, as Serbian pro-western spirit is ruined by years of economy depression, lays, hopes for better future and struggle with dodgy past. Political leaders are making a huge crowd day after day trying to collect as much votes as they can. As they play some dirty games, they often humiliate human intelligence unveiling a comedy goldmine for visuals. They are not aware that electorate has matured after years of manipulation. They need more than a promise, more than a circus rally organized in local town, and much more than a shake of hand with the other politicians. They need a miracle this time to persuade great majority of people to go out and vote.

With this project we wanted to address causes and reasons of global apathy and desolation, absence of political system development in Serbia and how that affects ordinary people. Basic premise is absolute nonsense of physical and mental poisoning during the pre-election campaign, environmental pollution from posters, billboards, graffiti’s, flyer, slogans, video and audio pressure. We’ve been forced to absorb all this and subconsciously decide who the bad guy is, and who’s not. During the pre-election campaign we stop being humans due to manipulation by cheap demagogy. Serbs are facing a whole new era full of questions. That’s why Kamerades photographers believe it is very important moment to document the election activities, as they are live view of political life.

By not favoring any parties, we decided to visualize political scene in modern Serbia as it is: raw, cruel and full of hypocrisy. So help us God!


Photographs by all Kamerades members



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