Lovers affair, by Marko Rupena

Serbia’s new nationalist president and the liberal rival likely to be the next prime minister assured the country Monday 28. May 2012 that they could overcome deep differences and create a stable, pro-European Union government.

Tomislav Nikolić defeated his predecessor Boris Tadić in the presidential election earlier this month, and Nikolić’s nationalist Progressive Party won the largest number of seats in the 250-member parliament. But because Tadić’s Democrats gained enough allies to form the next Cabinet, Nikolić is expected to be forced to name Tadić as premier-designate.

The position of prime minister is stronger than that of the president, a largely ceremonial role that cannot draft laws.

The two bitter political foes met Monday, a day after Tadic announced the start of negotiations on the formation of a new government that would leave Nikolic without real power.


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