What’s so damn funny?

Belgrade, 19. June 2012.- Serbia needs to form a government as quickly as possible to ease concerns about its fiscal outlook. May 6 parliamentary elections produced no clear winner and main political parties are negotiating a coalition government. Serbia’s budget deficit expanded to 80 billion dinars ($845 million) in the first five months of the year, to between 7 percent and 8 percent of gross domestic product, while public debt approached 50 percent of GDP, exceeding fiscal targets. Serbia also needs a new government to resume talks with the International Monetary Fund, which froze a $1.3 billion precautionary loan program with the country in February as it became clear it would slip on the agreed targets, including keeping the public debt to 45 percent of GDP. Anyway seems that Serbian politicians are not concern about the country’s future. They used to laugh a lot in the past few weeks. Dear leaders, please tell us what’s so funny, so we can laugh too…

Photographs by Nemanja Jovanović and Marko Rupena © Kamerades

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