Break-on-Through boundaries


It’s been a challenging weekend behind while some of us Kamerades crew contributed to International workshop at Palić lake near Subotica town, north Serbia.

Break on through, a three day photography workshop was dedicated to a visible boundaries – in the way of the subconscious to the world around us – the projection of invisible borders. We were looking for those situations where we do it with cameras this small, imperceptible but significant time differences more visible. Considering that most of the participants came from racial mixed places, both Hungarian and Serbian, it was a bit challenge to see how they’re using visual language in common circumstances.

Lecturers/contributors were:

Petendi Szabó Péter (HUNGARY)

Mark Yuill & Michael Bowring (UK)

Marko Risović & Saša Čolić (Kamerades, SERBIA)

Photography caption: Social center, Novi Sad,  21. June 2012.  One of the invisible goals was to visualize modern human relations. We’ve been using all this gadgets for dating and social networking, but when it comes to a real life, most people end up being repulsive to each other. Wonder what causes that kind of behavior?

Credit image: Saša Čolić © Kamerades


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