Dirty season, our short film on pre-election campaign

Dirty Season from Saša Čolić on Vimeo.

The 2012 Serbian elections are now concluded. The elected President of Serbia is Tomislav Nikolic. May 6 parliamentary elections produced no clear winner and main political parties are negotiating a coalition government. Hopefully, within the next two weeks a government will be formed and a Prime Minister will be elected by members of the Serbian parliament.

‘’Dirty Season’’ short film is part of a group photography project by Kamerades photo collective and Photography Development Centre from Serbia. It is aimed at bringing attention and addressing the causes and reasons for apathy and desolation within the Serbian political process. This is also part of a global problem of voters disinterest and apathy in the political dialog.

Project organized by: Photography Development Centre (www.crf.rs)

Project funded by: IREX Serbia and USAID


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