Masons by Word of Mouth, by Milovan Milenković

In Belgrade hotel “Holiday Inn”, 16 June, a ceremonial gathering of Freemasons from Serbia, Romania and Macedonia took place. Hosted by the Regular Grand Masonic Lodge of Serbia (RVMLS), and due to current tendencies to introduce domestic public with the activities of the Masons, upon the meeting, the Masons  planned to hold a media conference. There were only two representatives of media houses present.

While the Grand Master Dr Cedomir Vukic was speaking to the only camera as well as other Grand Masters did, conversion between two brothers was overheard, as they were addressing each other: “As country as masons.”

They talked about the disunity of Masonic lodges in Serbia. Besides RVMLS, there are several other lodges in Serbia. The biggest rival to the RVMLS  is the Masonic Lodge of Serbia. Some lodges have been established in Serbia and still exist because they are under the “protection” of German and the English lodges. Others are under the influence of French Freemasonry. Some symbols (compass, ruler …), the fact that they are called Masons, that they are secret society, and that they say that their goal is, among other things, the progress of mankind, are common to all of them.

During the ceremonial gatherings, members of Masonic lodges carry a ceremonial clothing worn with aprons on them, gloves and other markings, which represent a position in the Masonic hierarchy.

Unofficially, there are about 2000 Masons in Serbia.

Asked why RVMLS did not send official invitations to all the media conference at the “Holiday Inn”, one of the influential among the brothers said it was time to have learned about the activities of Freemasonry “by word of mouth.”

text: Mirko Rudić



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