Homeland voyage, by Saša Čolić

November 2012- I made a small trip to my homeland Trudelj and Gornji Milanovac, central Serbia, visiting  my parents and some old friends. Once you leave capital there is absolute absence of rush and stress. Being able to grow up at the small farm, felt lucky to discover magic of real, organic food, cutting wood, extreme blizzard during winter season and appreciate daylight. Because, there is no street lighting inside the village, you have to rely on artificial sources, small tungsten bulbs or moonlight. It’s one of the reasons I adore photographing in extreme lighting conditions, it gives that unique sense of mystery, revealing pure context at its best.
Nightlife inside “Amsterdam” bar, Gornji Milanovac downtown.

Some inspiring painting inside the “Amsterdam” bar, Gornji Milanovac downtown.

A friend of mine Milovan Baltić and his nephew serving roast pork to celebrate his son’s birth, Trudelj village.

Local bakery have their early morning supply delivery,  Gornji Milanovac downtown.

Early sunrise in the valley of Gornji Milanovac town.


Photographs: Saša Čolić © Kamerades

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