Sarajevo reunion, by Saša Čolić

After the Dayton agreement was signed, and after the war was over, the new era of Sarajevo started. The era of reconstruction, reparation, development and growth. Today Sarajevo is the fastest growing city in the Bosnia and Herzegovina, perhaps in region as well. It is also the most inhabited city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with approx. 460.000 people living in the wider area of city. Best proofs for such a tendency can, most probably be exposed within a architectural development, and as well cultural one. End of January 2013, Kamerades were invited to present their work during the photo festival “” which includes Ex-Yu countries. Nemanja Jovanović and myself went there for the first time ever with no preconceptions. Although was a short period of time, we were gifted with priceless experience. Getting to know some wonderful people made me think about borders again. We don’t need borders, mean politicians make them for us. We are the same people, same habits, same spirit. Felt this was a small mission taking the next step on reconciliation at Balkans. Cheers!

 Photographs: Saša Čolić © Kamerades  

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