Requiem in cinema, by Saša Čolić

Belgrade, Sava Center, 3. March 2013, – Group of Cinemas: “Povratak Otpisanih” performed another guerrilla action that could point to the disappearance of cinemas in Belgrade. The slogan was: “What you saw, you saw. Cinemas are dead” at closing of International film festival in Belgrade, FEST. They set up 14 crosses with names of Belgrade Theater destroyed in the privatization of the film. From there they paid last tribute to some beloved cinemas they used to be recognizable face of Belgrade but are no longer active. The planned budget for culture in 2013. provoked strong reactions and divided public opinion, but also relevant institutions. Serbian parliament granted some 0.62 percent for a first-class cultural scandal. By world standards, if the separation is less than 2.4 percent of the overall budget, the culture is reduced to the level of incident. Abolish the culture of the society and it will disappear biologically.

Photographs: Saša Čolić©Kamerades

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