Coaching evil

Pit bull classes of behavior at Kafana bar Provalija (Chasm), Zemun key, Danube river, Belgrade, February 2013.  Even today,  14 years after NATO bombing back in 1999. Serbia still suffers from deprivation not being able to recover. War must be a huge business, right?

But what is today’s purpose of mankind interaction indeed? Where goes all that fresh energy of youngsters, students, artists and the rest of intellectuals that overwhelms capacities of internet and public spaces? Seems like they’re gone to pursue ambitions, the cruelest, ambiguous entities that humans ever had. Ambition reveals the best and the worst inside them. It is shaping constantly, transforming into aggression and threatening to destroy fundamental value, such is collective memory.

Photograph/text: Saša Čolić©Kamerades


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