Serbia’s worst peacetime shooting

Belgrade, Serbia, 9. April 2013. – Thirteen people, including six women and a child, have been shot dead after a 60-year-old man went on a shooting rampage in a village Velika Ivanča near Belgrade. The man, identified only as Ljubiša B, used a handgun in the rampage. Villagers told Serbian reporters the man first killed his son before leaving the house and shooting his neighbors some of whom were still asleep. Twelve people were killed on the spot, while one person died in a Belgrade hospital and few of them are in critical condition including assassin himself. Motive for the killings was not clear. The suspect in the country’s worst mass killing in its modern history turned the gun on himself, and remains in critical condition. Police blocked off the village while they investigated.

Photographs: Milovan Milenković © Kamerades

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