Brotherhood and unity

On May 4th, 33 years ago, a harizmatic leader of Jugoslavija Josip Broz Tito has passed away. He was respected by many and well known to people all around the world. His funeral gathered some of the greatest world leaders of the time. Today, many of Titos worshipers still come to his grave on this day, to pay tribute to their respected leader. They speak with nostalgia and sadness about the past times when “everybody had what they needed for life, and even more, they were free and united”. Most of the worshipers come from former Jugoslav republics – Slovenia, Macedonia, Croatia…

On this blog, we have a special guest, well known photographer Voranc Vogel from Slovenia. Interesting part of the story is that he started with photography during war years, when Slovenia was not so easily assesible from Serbia. Marko Risović started his photographic journey at the same time, but kilometers down the Sava river. The fact that they are close causins, and that they didn’t know about each others passion for years, makes the story a bit spicy. Long live “brotherhood and unity”!

Photographers: Marko Risović, Marko Rupena and Voranc Vogel

You can see the work of Voranc Vogel on his website


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