Parrots, by Marko Risović

Yes, the fact is we have to live from our photography. Recently, many of Kamerades are having photo shootings defined by Serbian word „tezga“ , meaning a job that you don’t like or consider creative, but it pays your bills. It can be very useful to have couple of these from time to time.

When i am doing my tezgas, i just can’t help myself, and in the middle of it i am beginning to find things around me that probably wouldn’t make my employers too happy. But those scenes are just so much more entertaining to photograph than the „official“ reception photos.

Yes, they are in square, highly saturated, and there are photographers who have a doctorate in this! But i had so much fun while making them, and i wanted to share some of the moments with you. Cheers!

Photographer: Marko Risović©Kamerades


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