Conceptual ordinariness, by Marko Risović

I am not a photojournalist for very long time now. Don’t get me wrong, i really highly respect all the colleagues who are involved into that horribly tough business! I’ve been there myself for quite some time. And i left because i was bored and discouraged by daily routine and the fact that in this part of the world your editors don’t expect creativity or your personal opinion about issues they’ve sent you to photograph, but ironically they want you to bring expected results. Photos that were drawn for you. Photos that were shown to you. Photos that make profits.

Yet, from time to time, i still get some more traditional assignments, reminding me on good old times, when i was waiting in numerous rooms with dim light for somebody or something to show up, so I can make a photo that was drawn for me. On such occasions, little devil in me is waking up, forcing me to do what I always wanted with my photography – to give my point of view and my subjective opinion about things. The series below was made in described circumstances. I was bored waiting, and I saw this empty depressive space in front of me, with changing faces of politicians, so funny and so sad at the same time, trying to convince me to trust them. This was perfect opportunity for my devil to do what he’s best at.

Is there something epochal in these photos? I don’t think so! I think what makes them work as a group is consistency and repetition of very basic and well known message. That, and maybe the waiter showing up from time to time in front of screens, uninterestedly taking away leftovers. Conceptuality is new approach for me, and I don’t think I’m going to base my work on it too much in the future. But, all people do like to play. Why wouldn’t I from time to time? Is it worth an award on traditionally photojournalist competition, representative for the whole scene in Serbia? I don’t have a clue! I’ve never made any single photo in my life with thought that it is going to get me an award. What I know for sure is that the next time I find myself in a similar situation, my little devil will be awake again.

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