Cyclone Tamara part 2

NEM_0001'New record high water levels of rivers threaten towns and villages that are near.  Number of towns and settlements that are in danger is growing. Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes. Damage caused by the cyclone Tamara is still impossible to perceive.NEM_0002' NEM_0003' NEM_0004' NEM_0005' NEM_0006' NEM_0007' NEM_0008' NEM_0009' NEM_0010' NEM_0011' NEM_0012' NEM_0013' NEM_0014' NEM_0015' NEM_0016' NEM_0017' NEM_0018' NEM_0019' NEM_0020' NEM_0021' NEM_0022' NEM_0023' NEM_0024' NEM_0025' NEM_0027' NEM_0028' NEM_0029' NEM_0030' NEM_0031' NEM_0032' NEM_0033' NEM_0034' NEM_0035'Photographs: Nemanja Jovanovic, Nemanja Pancic, Milovan Milenkovic, Sasha Colic

© Kamerades

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