Serbia’s Flying Circus

Ladies and gentleman, children of all the ages, citizens of Serbia and all the world…old/new circus is in your town!  Well, the circus is actually constantly present here, but this time we have some new yet very familiar characters willing to perform various tricks for you. Let’s remind ourselves: We have a man who walks alone high above the clouds, three once upon a time best men who don’t know each other, several bearded ladies, a midget and his unicorn, whole bunch of people with collective amnesia, shoe throwing lady, voodoo witch, people with a black hole for a uterus, a fool for a king and a king of half of the world (including Tokyo), the jester and some other fellows who go along with him, all the unusual and unique animals, and many, many more…
Ladies and gentleman, come to your own circus! Don’t miss the present, become part of The Greatest Show on Earth! Take your seat and enjoy!



Images by Kamerades members: Milovan Milenković, Nemanja Pančić, Nemanja Jovanović, Marko Rupena, Marko Risović

© Kamerades





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