First Belgrade cannabis Social Club

Association of citizens “The initiative to change the cannabis legislation” (IRKA) is the first official association advocating cannabis legalization in Serbia and it gathers citizens from all over the country.

IRKA is formed out of cancer patients, their family members and all the citizens who want to help them achieve the ability to legally obtain and use cannabis and extract of cannabis flowers in order to treat their conditions.

Main goals:

1. To pass the law on medical marijuana (cannabis) use in Serbia for all the people who need it.

2. To pass the law on self-medication (the rights of patients to use natural alternative treatments at the expense of health insurance).

3. To change other laws concerning the regulation of cannabis, decriminalize cannabis for personal use (with possibility to grow small amount for personal use) and legalization of hemp. As well as the launch of the new ecological industries, based on the production and processing of hemp.

Each and every day at least 70 people die of cancer while around 110 people get sick. Most of them young, under 30.

Serbia has the worst health system in Europe and their citizens are among the poorest in the world, and that is why she has to make possible for all the people to use and obtain this plant which is the most efficient natural medicine (with very little or none harmful consequences). Belgrade, Serbia. February 2015.

Photographs: Saša Čolić@Kamerades


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