Rewind and Remind

Evacuation in Veliki Crljeni, near Belgrade, by Nemanja Jovanović

One year ago Serbia was under water, cyclone Tamara caused floods all over the Balkans. Although the weather forecasts had been announcing a progressive increase of river-water level, authorities did not react on time.

May 2014, for the first time, we were united. Solidarity came before all kinds of divisions. Social networks were important source of information about rescue operations, protection of river banks, needs for volunteers in shelters, supplies…

Just one of us, it seemed, was not satisfied at all – the president. He claimed that the State reacted right on time, the government did its job perfectly, especially those who were on the spot, but at the same time, he was quite disappointed with people’s response during the rescue.

Finally, this is a firm reminder for those responsible that the job isn’t finished, with the photo testimonies from each member of Kamerades collective.


Rescue from the farm near Ibarska magistrala (south of Belgrade), by Nemanja Pančić


Belgrade Arena, shelter for citizens rescued from Obrenovac town, by Marko Risović


A woman has recovered her wedding dress, Paraćin town, by Saša Čolić


Faculty of Sport in Belgrade was used as a shelter for floods survivors, by Milovan Milenković


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