Shame on (E)U

I’ve been doing this job for ’bout fifteen years.

Never before have i seen people who have went through so much trouble and misery, and are still able to be polite, strong and keep their dignity and humanity.

Never before have i seen so many smiles on so many troubled faces. Faces that have lost everything that, once, was their life.

Never before have i witnessed the big and strong geopolitical force, failing this miserably.

Never before have I shed a tear on assignment. Not because of tragedy but because of the children laughter while running towards the barbed wire in stampede, pretending it is all game.

Until now.

So i have one quote about Hungarian officials and their actions but I’ll have to rephrase famous comedian Groucho Marx.

“He may look like a fascist and talk like a fascist and act like a fascist, but don’t let that fool you. He really is a fascist.”

Goodnight EU and goodbye


All photographs by Nemanja Jovanović Any use of photos without written permission from authors is strictly forbidden 









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