Fading memories

Scenes from the Serbo-Croatian border which are preserved in the photographs that make up this blog, have been happening only a dozen days ago. In historical terms, it is a very short period of time.
The images of the sufferings of people who were forced in exile, putting their lives at stake, will forever remain etched in my consciousness, but as all the other things, they will go through some kind of metamorphosis. Time distance makes things look different. In our memories, the information is fading, moments disappear swamped by new events, images and sounds are getting our personal interpretation.

Photography has the power to stop time, and retain a part of that information for much longer, for as long as it last.

Today i can better understand how people who were not there will never be able to have the same feeling or to gain an impression of how things really were, using only two-dimensional image on their screens. Photography is very limited medium, it leaves out a lot more than it contains.
Regardless of the time or spatial distance we have, a fact that should not be forgotten is that even today tens of thousands of people embark leaking boats in fear, walk along empty fields, sleeping on no man’s land around dying fires, waiting for trains without timetables towards the cities and countries whose names didn’t mean anything to them until recently, fostering a spark of hope that they are going towards something better. These are the same people, with the same fears, hopes and desires as we ourselves. Sometimes, it is enough only to empathize, even if we were not there or we tend to forget. The general alienation is characteristic of the age in which we live, but nevertheless this fact does not relieve us of responsibility.

Aware of the imperfect nature of photography as a medium, and fooled by instability of my own memories, i can only bring out in front of you the notes of my own eyes, and keep hope that this will be an accurate  reminder of the lasting human tragedy .

Photo and text by Marko Risović © Kamerades. Any use of the photos without written permission from the author is strictly forbidden!


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