2015 by Kamerades

01_Serbian-Hungarian border Refugee crisis                                             Serbian-Hungarian border, Refugee crisis

It has been another inspiring year for our collective. We traveled a lot, and documented events in our and other countries. We also witnessed refugee crisis on the borders of western Balkans. It was heartbreaking, and those memories will stay with us, but together with hope that solution can be found in near future. We will try not to forget the past, but learn from it.

All the happiness in the year to come!

02_Belgrade Serbia Epiphany CelebrationsBelgrade, Serbia Epiphany Celebrations

03_Serbian-Croatian border Refugee CrisisSerbian-Croatian border, Refugee Crisis

04_Shangri-La, ChinaShangri-La, China

05_Sevastopole Crimea Russia WWII VeteranSevastopol, Crimea, Russia, WWII Veteran

Photographs by Nemanja Jovanović, Milovan Milenković, Marko Risović, Marko Rupena and Nemanja Pančić. Any use of photos without written permission from authors is strictly forbidden!

© Kamerades

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