Bad bishop and an ongoing game of chess

17.03.2019. Belgrade, Serbia. Anti-government protests changed location from national television stormed during the night before to Presidency of Serbia where President Vucic was addressing nation exactly at noon, speaking in a dissuasive way about last night’s events. Protestors managed to break the police cordon during President’s speech, and several clashes with the police erupted around the city centre later in the day.

Vucic was unable to leave the building surrounded by protesting mob for several hours. He decided to play a game of chess with Minister of the Interior Nebojsa Stefanovic, and to post few photos abou the game on social media, while uniformed and armed pawns, protectors of the people, were fighting against unarmed pawns, the people. It’s still unclear who won the game. Maybe it was a draw today?

Photographs by Marko Rupena, Nemanja Jovanovic, Nemanja Pancic ©️Kamerades

Edit: Marko Risovic

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