Author: Marko Rupena

  • Children from Idomeni Station

    Camp for refugees on the border between Greece and Macedonia. Greece, Idomeni, 13-16.03.2016.

  • One Stop Belgrade

    Hundreds of refugees, mostly from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, arrive in Belgrade every day. The capital of Serbia is on their route to European Union countries.

  • Pursuit of Freedom, by Igor Pavićević

    They boarded the train in hope that freedom was closer then ever before on the long journey they had passed so far.

  • Punk Rock Festival

    Rockaway Lake is an international punk rock music festival. It is organised in Belgrade for the first time. 24 bands presented themselves  in two days. Serbia, Belgrade, 27.06.2015.

  • God bless the rule!

    Theophany is a Christian holiday that celebrates the baptism of Jesus Christ. Every year, on 19th of January, people swim outdoors in order to reach the “Holy cross”, which is placed in water, 33 meters away from start line.

  • The end of the White week

    Every year, on the last Sunday of the last week before Easter fasting, children in the village Lozovik participate in the carnival, called “Bele poklade”.

  • Noor-Nikon Masterclass in Belgrade

    We are very happy and proud to announce photography Masterclass. NOOR, together with Kamerades and Nikon invite photographers to submit their portfolios for selection for the 2015 NOOR-Nikon Masterclass in Documentary Photography in Belgrade, Serbia.

  • Holy Protection

    At the end of 19th century, while taking a water from a fountain, little girl from Djunis village saw the Most Holy Theotokos who threw the stone and told her that the church should be built at the place where that stone had fallen, and that physically and mentally unhealthy people should find a cover and a protection there.

  • To the President with Love

    Today, Belgrade looked and felt like occupied city. Ironically, since the motive for the occupation was a celebration of seventy years since the liberation in World War Two. Of course it was marvelous, grandiose and impressive! It had to be, for the eyes and souls of our officials and our beloved guest, Mr. Putin.

  • One great night for Kamerades

    Kamerades book “Dirty Season” is officially presented on May 8th. We do not have enough words to express our happyness and neither can we explain our gratitude to all of you who were with us in Cultural Centre Grad. One big thanks also goes to people who couldn’t be with us, but whose support and best […]