Author: Nemanja Jovanović


    For four months, there are protests being held in Serbia.There are people in over 100 of cities, towns, municipalities walking the streets, protesting against current authorities.Tens, maybe even more than hundred of thousands of protesters weekly.Most of the world does not give a fuck.Most of the Serbia does not give a fuck.

  • Persistance is (not) futile

    For more than two decades we’ve been walking. Protesting. Wanting. Dreaming. Changing? Fighting?? Getting older…

  • Ovo NISU autorske fotografije/ These ARE NOT copyrighted photos

    Photo of a hole in the road/ Fotografija rupe na putu Our attempt of a mechanical photo of a hole in the road/ Naš pokušaj mehaničke fotografije rupe na putu Ovo nije tekst. Ovo nije blog. Ovo nije izražavanje stava. Sve ove fotografije bi uskoro trebalo da spadaju u istu kategoriju: obične, rutinske, mehaničke fotografije, na kojima autor […]

  • Art on the water

    Venice is a beautiful city, and during the biennale it is fully occupied by contemporary art. Streets are crowded, art is everywhere, history and city gets tangled with all sorts of installations, exhibitions and art pieces. What’s not to like? Plus we were lucky enough to be there, as visitors, but, hopefully, that can change

  • Shame on (E)U

    I’ve been doing this job for ’bout fifteen years. Never before have i seen people who have went through so much trouble and misery, and are still able to be polite, strong and keep their dignity and humanity. Never before have i seen so many smiles on so many troubled faces. Faces that have lost […]

  • What the DUCK???

    We have a serious situation here! A couple of crazed, mad, vendetta driven ducks being a threat to the multibillion-google euros contract signing. Tensed situation, no other words to describe it.

  • The Sheep is coming

    In the year of wood horse (not the Trojan one, mind you), and just a few months from the year of the sheep (state of mind and spirit here, mind you, again), Serbia and its officials were hosts to the great, big, international summit. Black suits, briefcases, high politics, and basically, a lot of fog […]

  • Serbia’s Flying Circus

    Ladies and gentleman, children of all the ages, citizens of Serbia and all the world…old/new circus is in your town! 

  • Show must go on (no matter how many rubber duckies gets hurt in the process)

    It was a second public discussion and hearing for the Belgrade Waterfront project. Some rubber ducks were involved. And some plain rubber too. No real animals were harmed. Only some common sense and intelect.

  • Mass baptism, Serbia 2014

    First mass baptism ever done in Serbia. 150 people ages 0-65 turned Ortodox at a temple of St. Sava in Barajevo in an improvised service.