Author: Milovan Milenković

  • What’s going on over there?

    Nothing much, counting votes.

  • Hard to please

    Development and growth of the cities caused additional demand for water. Current sources became insufficient to provide quantity of drink and industrial water.

  • Belgrade derby

    One of the biggest sporting events in the southeast part of Europe is football match between Partizan FC and FC Red Star. It is not about the quality of the game, it is about the atmosphere.

  • New Year’s Eve Memories

        One of the strongest memories of the days I spent as a refugee during the wars in ex-Yugoslavia in the 1990’s, is one of a red ribbon which I and my sister had tied around a kitten’s neck. That’s it. I don’t remember where it happened, what happened with the kitten, where our […]

  • Choke point

      The number of registered asylum seekers in Serbia during 2008 was 77, most of them were Afghans. They were placed in asylum shelter in Banja Koviljača – small impoverished town of western Serbia. Life within local community was peaceful to satisfaction of both locals and asylants.

  • Underground Competition

    Every month of this year transgender beauty pageant qualifications is held in one of Belgrade’s clubs. The final competition in December will announce the transgender miss of Serbia.

  • Serbia’s worst peacetime shooting

    Belgrade, Serbia, 9. April 2013. – Thirteen people, including six women and a child, have been shot dead after a 60-year-old man went on a shooting 

  • Kosovo – passing through, by Milovan Milenković

    My first trip to Kosovo was at the beginning of January this year. I did not know what to expect. Unfortunately, there was no time to make stops, so I photographed through the window of the car as we passed by. This was enough to notice three things that, to me, symbolize this region – the flags of the foreign countries, poverty and dirty environment.

  • 50 years of The Rolling Stones, by Milovan Milenković

    As a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the band The Rolling Stones, British Ambassador in Belgrade Michael Davenport hosted the exhibition of Brian Rašic photos in his residence. It was a chairty auction, the most of funds are dedicated to project for the young – “GRABB School”.

  • Masons by Word of Mouth, by Milovan Milenković

    In Belgrade hotel “Holiday Inn”, 16 June, a ceremonial gathering of Freemasons from Serbia, Romania and Macedonia took place. Hosted by the Regular Grand Masonic Lodge of Serbia (RVMLS), and due to current tendencies to introduce domestic public with the activities of the Masons, upon the meeting, the Masons  planned to hold a media conference. […]