Author: Saša Čolić

  • V for victors

      Russian veterans of World War II , living monuments of history. With their life and deeds closer to heaven than earth, like some kind of roadside grave-marks of past woven into the future. Heroes of the

  • Rewind and Remind

    Evacuation in Veliki Crljeni, near Belgrade, by Nemanja Jovanović One year ago Serbia was under water, cyclone Tamara caused floods all over the Balkans. Although the weather forecasts had been announcing a progressive increase of river-water level, authorities did not react on time.

  • First Belgrade cannabis Social Club

    Association of citizens “The initiative to change the cannabis legislation” (IRKA) is the first official association advocating cannabis legalization in Serbia and it gathers citizens from all over the country. IRKA is formed out of cancer patients, their family members and all the citizens who want to help them achieve the ability to legally obtain and […]

  • The Book

    Finally, our first book is on it’s way. Thanx to Publikum printing company we got the best possible quality

  • Viminacium excursion

    Viminacium (1st century), October 2013.- On travel assignment for The Constitutional Court of Serbia I observed one of the most important archaeological localities and witness of Roman days in Serbia.

  • Winterize in Sarajevo

    This year Sarajevo photo festival was quite challenging. Kamerades photographers Nemanja Jovanović, Marko Risović and Saša Čolić were invited to give lecture about documentary photography today and mind process while developing a story.

  • Power of image

    Everything we know, everything we conclude about the world is visually perceived. So why negotiating that? Image  credit© Olivier Laurent

  • Midnight in blue

    PTICA, the only genuine jazz club in Belgrade, 30. April 2013.- Officially designated by UNESCO, International Jazz Day brings together communities, schools, artists, historians, academics, and jazz enthusiasts all over the world to celebrate and learn about jazz and its roots, future and impact;

  • Gas pipeline explosion

    Belgrade, 30. March 2013.- Massive fire that broke out near the Ibar Highway after a gas pipeline

  • Coaching evil

    Pit bull classes of behavior at Kafana bar Provalija (Chasm), Zemun key, Danube river, Belgrade, February 2013.  Even today,  14 years after NATO bombing back in 1999. Serbia still suffers from