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New Year’s Eve Memories




One of the strongest memories of the days I spent as a refugee during the wars
in ex-Yugoslavia in the 1990’s, is one of a red ribbon which I and my sister had
tied around a kitten’s neck. That’s it. I don’t remember where it happened,
what happened with the kitten, where our family was at that moment, nor
what the other refugees were doing, nothing of the sort… (more…)

2015 by Kamerades

01_Serbian-Hungarian border Refugee crisis                                             Serbian-Hungarian border, Refugee crisis

It has been another inspiring year for our collective. (more…)

Art on the water

Venice is a beautiful city, and during the biennale it is fully occupied by contemporary art.

Streets are crowded, art is everywhere, history and city gets tangled with all sorts of installations, exhibitions and art pieces. What’s not to like?

Plus we were lucky enough to be there, as visitors, but, hopefully, that can change


Choke point



The number of registered asylum seekers in Serbia during 2008 was 77, most of them were Afghans. They were placed in asylum shelter in Banja Koviljača – small impoverished town of western Serbia. Life within local community was peaceful to satisfaction of both locals and asylants.

Fading memories

Scenes from the Serbo-Croatian border which are preserved in the photographs that make up this blog, have been happening only a dozen days ago. In historical terms, it is a very short period of time.
The images of the sufferings of people who were forced in exile, putting their lives at stake, will forever remain etched in my consciousness, but as all the other things, they will go through some kind of metamorphosis. Time distance makes things look different. In our memories, the information is fading, moments disappear swamped by new events, images and sounds are getting our personal interpretation. (more…)

Shame on (E)U

I’ve been doing this job for ’bout fifteen years.

Never before have i seen people who have went through so much trouble and misery, and are still able to be polite, strong and keep their dignity and humanity.

Never before have i seen so many smiles on so many troubled faces. Faces that have lost everything that, once, was their life.

Never before have i witnessed the big and strong geopolitical force, failing this miserably.

Never before have I shed a tear on assignment. Not because of tragedy but because of the children laughter while running towards the barbed wire in stampede, pretending it is all game.

Until now.

So i have one quote about Hungarian officials and their actions but I’ll have to rephrase famous comedian Groucho Marx.

“He may look like a fascist and talk like a fascist and act like a fascist, but don’t let that fool you. He really is a fascist.”

Goodnight EU and goodbye


One Stop Belgrade


Hundreds of refugees, mostly from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, arrive in Belgrade every day. The capital of Serbia is on their route to European Union countries. (more…)