Category: Human interest

  • Courage in Journalism Award goes to Nemanja Jovanović

    We proudly announce that Nemanja Jovanović is honored with the award for exceptional courage, perseverance and high level of professionalism in journalism, shown during the coverage of recent floods in Serbia.

  • Cyclone Tamara part 6

    Obrenovac, a city that was most damaged in the flood. Kolubara River was fatal to the city. The damage is huge! The city and its inhabitants now faces a long and painful recovery.

  • Cyclone Tamara part 5

    Traces of the water line are everywhere: on the walls and the belongings drying outside, including an old wedding dress full of memories, but most of all on the faces of people and animals who survived the plague.

  • Cyclone Tamara part 4

    One of the most difficult weeks in the modern history of Serbia has passed, and the situation is slowly settling down, at least when it’s about new potential flood waves. The weather forecast predicts sunny and warm weather for the following days. Seemingly, life goes back to normal, but only for those who are not […]

  • Cyclone Tamara part 3

    The consequences of terrible natural disaster in Serbia are still unknown in total numbers, and the danger is still present. After the information spread about a possible new flood wave, some places like Obrenovac have been completely evacuated as a precaution.

  • Cyclone Tamara part 2

    New record high water levels of rivers threaten towns and villages that are near.  Number of towns and settlements that are in danger is growing. Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes. Damage caused by the cyclone Tamara is still impossible to perceive.

  • Cyclone Tamara

    As of Tuesday, May 13, Serbia is under the influence of the cyclone Tamara, who will be remembered as the most rainy cyclone since meteorological measurements are made in Serbia. We are witnessing the unprecedented floods that have ravaged everything. Some parts of the country are isolated, some have no electricity, some parts have problem […]

  • White carnival

    This year, in the village of Glavica in central Serbia, traditional festivity marking the end of white week and the beginning of fasting period took place. This tradition is over hundred years old in the area, and it is held throughout Balkans, matching the global carnival season.

  • Disappeared memories, by Igor Pavicevic

    The road to Kruma, small town in the mountains of northern Albania, in which civilians who were kidnapped throughout Kosovo during the war in 1999 were taken away by the testimony of Albanians, who were official protected witnesses of Serbian  War Crimes Prosecutor office.

  • North Coast 2013, by Nemanja Jovanović

    Once upon a time, in the country far far away, there was a land of great battles and numerous heroes. The land was thirsty for blood through the centuries. It still is. Medieval knights turned into modern fighters, who do not respect the code of honor or any other codes. The land turned into a […]