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  • Rewind and Remind

    Evacuation in Veliki Crljeni, near Belgrade, by Nemanja Jovanović One year ago Serbia was under water, cyclone Tamara caused floods all over the Balkans. Although the weather forecasts had been announcing a progressive increase of river-water level, authorities did not react on time.

  • The Sheep is coming

    In the year of wood horse (not the Trojan one, mind you), and just a few months from the year of the sheep (state of mind and spirit here, mind you, again), Serbia and its officials were hosts to the great, big, international summit. Black suits, briefcases, high politics, and basically, a lot of fog […]

  • Serbia’s Flying Circus

    Ladies and gentleman, children of all the ages, citizens of Serbia and all the world…old/new circus is in your town! 

  • Show must go on (no matter how many rubber duckies gets hurt in the process)

    It was a second public discussion and hearing for the Belgrade Waterfront project. Some rubber ducks were involved. And some plain rubber too. No real animals were harmed. Only some common sense and intelect.

  • To the President with Love

    Today, Belgrade looked and felt like occupied city. Ironically, since the motive for the occupation was a celebration of seventy years since the liberation in World War Two. Of course it was marvelous, grandiose and impressive! It had to be, for the eyes and souls of our officials and our beloved guest, Mr. Putin.

  • New Law ?

      Working class hero is going through difficult changes. Can he be strong? Can he evolve? Can he dissolve? Can he fight? Can he come to terms with future, no matter how dark it is? It is a classic golden age meets future. It is evolution. Is there revolution?

  • Disappeared memories, by Igor Pavicevic

    The road to Kruma, small town in the mountains of northern Albania, in which civilians who were kidnapped throughout Kosovo during the war in 1999 were taken away by the testimony of Albanians, who were official protected witnesses of Serbian  War Crimes Prosecutor office.

  • North Coast 2013, by Nemanja Jovanović

    Once upon a time, in the country far far away, there was a land of great battles and numerous heroes. The land was thirsty for blood through the centuries. It still is. Medieval knights turned into modern fighters, who do not respect the code of honor or any other codes. The land turned into a […]

  • Conceptual ordinariness, by Marko Risović

    I am not a photojournalist for very long time now. Don’t get me wrong, i really highly respect all the colleagues who are involved into that horribly tough business! I’ve been there myself for quite some time. And i left because i was bored and discouraged by daily routine and the fact that in this […]

  • Funeral of Jovanka Broz, by Kamerades

    Jovanka Broz, widow of Josip Broz Tito, was a silent witness to major changes that happened in recent years, after Tito’s era ended 33 years ago. The new era brought many events that were unimaginable at the times when Tito was at his peak, and she was the First Lady. War, hatred and bloodshed between […]