Category: Politics

  • Much Ado About Nothing

    Gay Pride was supposed to happen on September 28. Ultra nationalists organized the protest against the parade. Police escorted demonstrators through the city. Babies in the front, family people and football fans behind them, all united against LGBT parade.

  • Occupy Gezi, by Andrei Pungovschi

    During the last few days, Turkey was in the center of global interest. Peaceful protests, aimed at preserving Gezi park in the heart of Istanbul, were turned into anti-government mood. On Tuesday, massive clashes and chaos erupted on Taksim square, provoked by very strong reaction of the Turkish police towards protesters. Our friend Andrei Pungovschi, […]

  • What’s going on in Turkey?, by Tomislav Georgiev

    Our good friend and great photographer Tomy was in Istanbul during the riots. Here is his story.

  • Royal Funeral, by Nemanja Pancic

    Serbia 26.May.2013, funeral for Yugoslavia’s last king, Peter II Karadjordjevic, who fled the country at the start of World War II and died in the U.S. in 1970s. The former king’s remains, and those of his wife, mother and brother, were interred in the family tomb Saturday in the village of Oplenac Serbia. After in […]

  • Youth Day

    Communists celebrate Youth Day at House of Flowers, the place where the grave of former Yugoslavian president Josip Broz Tito is located.

  • Brotherhood and unity

    On May 4th, 33 years ago, a harizmatic leader of Jugoslavija Josip Broz Tito has passed away. He was respected by many and well known to people all around the world. His funeral gathered some of the greatest world leaders of the time. Today, many of Titos worshipers still come to his grave on this day, […]

  • D, The Day, by Kamerades

    Belgrade, 08. April 2013 – Proclaimed as the D-Day for Serbia, this Monday was seemingly peaceful, but behind the scenes of everyday events, strong political activity was happening. Serbian government was unique in the decision to say no to Brussels Agreement, and to continue with the negotiations on the Kosovo issue. Several right-wing groups supported this […]

  • 10 years after, by Nemanja Pancic

    10 Years after the assassination of Zoran Djindjic, Serbia is still lost (and will likely remain so for many years), around 15000 people from all around the country came to pay a respect to this man. Governance structures are not able or don’t want to solve the puzzle called the assassination of Prime Minister. Unfortunately […]

  • Remembrance

    “Serbia will be better than it is if all of us are better than we are.”  Zoran Đinđić (1 August 1952 – 12 March 2003)

  • Sarajevo, oh Sarajevo, by Nemanja Pancic

    Mixed emotions. These words describe the feeling that came all over me completely when I was walking the streets of this unique and beautiful city.