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  • Protestujem, dakle postojim / I protest, therefore i am

    Protestujem, dakle postojim / I protest, therefore i am

    Mediji kontrolisani od strane države prenosili su od početka post-izbornih protesta u Beogradu da su ulice pune “alkoholičara, narkomana i stranih plaćenika”, pokušavajući da obesmisle mišljenje običnih ljudi kojima je dosta autokratije i nipodaštavanja. Dali smo glas tim hrabim ljudima, pitajući ih zašto protestuju. Razlozi, koji variraju od potrebe da se pokaže neslaganje sa trenutnim […]

  • 2015 by Kamerades

                                                 Serbian-Hungarian border, Refugee crisis It has been another inspiring year for our collective.

  • Face of migration

    I was staring at the men on the other side of the fence. The rain just started, and he used his simple shelter – a plastic bag he had found nearby. He made a hole in it so he can see. The view was not much. A piece of dirty dusty land, now turned into […]

  • V for victors

      Russian veterans of World War II , living monuments of history. With their life and deeds closer to heaven than earth, like some kind of roadside grave-marks of past woven into the future. Heroes of the

  • Dance for Me, by Nemanja Pancic

    “At each of the seven gates, she removed an article of clothing or a piece of jewelry. As long as she remained in hell, the earth was barren. When she returned, fecundity abounded”.

  • Conceptual ordinariness, by Marko Risović

    I am not a photojournalist for very long time now. Don’t get me wrong, i really highly respect all the colleagues who are involved into that horribly tough business! I’ve been there myself for quite some time. And i left because i was bored and discouraged by daily routine and the fact that in this […]

  • Nemanja Pancic interviewed by Mira Adanja-Polak

    Mira Adanja Polak did an interview with Nemanja Pancic regarding World Press Photo award that he recently received.

  • World Press Photo Awards Days

    In February, seconds after the results of 2013 World Press Photo contest were announced, one photo and the name underneath echoed like thousands of drums through gray Belgrade winter morning. That was the moment of immense pride for our little collective!

  • Coaching evil

    Pit bull classes of behavior at Kafana bar Provalija (Chasm), Zemun key, Danube river, Belgrade, February 2013.  Even today,  14 years after NATO bombing back in 1999. Serbia still suffers from

  • Equilibrium

    Trudelj village, Central Serbia, February 2013.- Miroslav Čolić, at the age of 57, has been a professional hunter since nineties.