In a new report UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, describes the impact to increasing restriction of movement of refugees and migrants at the borders to Europe, and within it, in 2023, the report shows that people continue to move, or to decide on a more diverse and dangerous roads, often relying on smugglers because of the absence of legal ways to get to Europe.

According to a study of the UNHCR, border guards in Europe, including Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Serbia, Spain and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia have reportedly returned from their border tens of thousands of people in the past. A large number of cases of alleged violence and abuse have been reported in an attempt to prevent border crossing.

As the refugee crisis continues, with uncertain outcome, Kamerades actively documented the journey through Balkan countries from 2015 on, photographing chaos at the borders and faces of people craving for dignity and screaming for help, wanting nothing more than to be treated as human beings, or their life in a limbo, somewhere between the horrors of war and hopes for a better future.