Kamerades book “Dirty Season” is officially presented on May 8th. We do not have enough words to express our happyness and neither can we explain our gratitude to all of you who were with us in Cultural Centre Grad. One big thanks also goes to people who couldn’t be with us, but whose support and best wishes were very important to us.Guys from Dr Bela, Zi & Zec band were in charge of musical experience and great atmosphere that night. So many people, drinks, good vibrations and relaxed chit chat in one place can’t go wrong. Please, give us your opinion on our book, share your ideas with us because we hope this is our first but not last book, so your feedback is very helpful for our future projects. Cheers!


Photography credits: Marko Djoković, Luka Trajković, Oksana Toskić and Nemanja Jovanović