We have a serious situation here! A couple of crazed, mad, vendetta driven ducks being a threat to the multibillion-google euros contract signing. Tensed situation, no other words to describe it.

In their best way, Serbian government used the Monthy Python / Baldric type of cunning plan to solve the problem. They closed the protestors and mad ducks in one place, and stopped two random trams to block the view of the officials, so they can enjoy undisturbed the beautiful sightseeing, and imagine how magnificently different it will be in only 30 to 40 years from now(because, as we’ve found out today, this is the estimated time for Belgrade Waterfront project to be finished).

If you don’t see those who think differently, then they probably don’t exist?

Of course, some “random passers-by”, and real-life bots, came to cheer (and to earn a sandwich). Protesters and evil ducks made them feel uneasy too, on their way to the private restaurant built expressly via lex specialis, to serve the needs of a few. Need we say more..?

Photos by Nemanja Jovanović and Marko Risović © Kamerades