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Biden meets Belgrade meets Biden also, by Milovan Milenković

Belgrade, Serbia, May 2009.- Joe Biden’s arrival to Belgrade represents a visit of the most important official of the USA in the last 30 years. He was welcomed at the highest level, with ceremonial guards and intonation of  the  USA  anthem.

For this event, security comprised of 5000 people (Serbian and U.S. service) and another 5000 were on standby. From USA, with special planes, came vanguard consisting of agents and special force officers, in total more that 300 people, including those who accompanied Biden. Few hours prior to the landing, a highway passing through a part of the city was closed. There was an order from the police that on this day all the windows facing this part of the highway must be blinded  and residents were not allowed to go out on the terraces. Public gatherings, sports events and public works were also prohibited, certain restaurant terraces were closed, and all the movement  was limited, while Biden  was moving smoothly through Belgrade in his armored vehicle. His convoy was accompanied by a helicopter, and monitored by the snipers.

All this would be usual for the official visit of foreign emissary, if we forget the fact that he was representative of the most democratic country in the world.