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Legionnaire, by Marko Risović

Dusko was regular boy, excellent student and intellectual. Few years ago, his urge for adventure, and sense of lack of perspective in developing Serbian society, led him to French Foreign Legion. He spent several years there, serving as professional soldier. When he came back home, he tried to reconnect with society, to tie broken strings and live like normal citizen. His labile personality and fuzzy situation in Serbia, inability to find regular job, and his military history, made it very hard for him.

Serbia had one of the highest rates of brain drain during 90’s. Young people forced by instability, lack of jobs, bad educational system and political turmoil, massively left the country to search for better possibilities. They were doing different jobs abroad, from cooks and support workers to computer experts and engineers. Some of them now want to come back to home country, but they are still confronted with numerous problems. Dusko is an extreme example. His inner struggle is very strong. Every day of his life is full of choices he has to make in order to survive.