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Urban Rabbits, by Marko Risović

There is a story about a tipsy guy who was ridding his bike late in the night, surrounded with darkness, scented fields of unripe wheat and a sense of endless freedom. Suddenly, a rabbit came out of nowhere, and started using front light of bicycle as a guide through the blackness of night. Cyclist was confused, but he continued to turn pedals not knowing what else to do, driving a little bit to the left, a little bit to the right. United by mutual goal, creative rabbit and tipsy cyclist merged their aims on the same journey through the night, connected by energy of the moment in unique act of creation. When the rabbit decided to go further on his own, cyclist continued along his path not sure if what he experienced was a dream or reality, but he was certain that it was first ever urban rabbit he saw in his life, talented animal who learned how to use man.

What makes an artist if not his ability to fulfill empty space with his creative energy, making something out of nothing, light out of the darkness and emotion out of apathy? Like ancient alchemists, group of young people are using their flexible bodies to create movement, to collect air and space around them and convert them into art. From the black depths of a circus tent, glimpses of light are falling on their strained muscles, reflecting fragments of pain, smell of sweat, skilled movements and undoubted pleasure when they succeed. Long hours of training, learning and practicing the same routine in order to achieve perfection, tears and laughs, severe words of the trainers, everything is built into one single moment of joy filled with the sound of loud applauding, in the moment of awareness that artist showed the light in  darkness to many who shared a moment of creation.