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What is so super, by Milovan Milenković

Name of the national league, the highest ranked professional football competition in Serbia, is „Super League“. Players such as Branislav Ivanović, Aleksandar Kolarov, Nemanja Vidić, Nemanja Matić, Dušan Tadić, Lazar Marković, etc. have made their first professional football steps in this competition. Sixteen clubs are in it, but only one is privately owned.

According to the current UEFA coefficients, Serbian national league is placed on the 27th position (out of 54 members), based on participation of domestic clubs in European competitions and six Serbian clubs have their places on the list of around 450 clubs. The highest ranked is FC Partizan (111th), after them are FC Vojvodina (193th), then FC Red Star (209th)…  

Average attendance per weekend is around 20000 visitors or 2500 per game, ticket price is between 2 – 3 euros. For a season ticket you have to pay 20-30 euros. Condition of stadiums and surrounding infrastructure is mostly awful. It is hard to pick one which is fully ready for European competitions. 

One of the most significant Serbian League characteristics is that major positions in the management of the clubs are reserved for politicians from the ruling parties. Among them, moneymakers are football managers as well as suspicious faces, while other football workers are payed badly and rarely.

The situation in the football system has not been in good condition for a long time now, more precisely it has been in a coma. Nevertheless, Serbian national team Under-20 won the very first World cup in the January of 2015, the most of the players in this team, which defeated Brazil in the finale, came from so called Super League.